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Today is my last day at Jezebel. It's been both an honor and a pleasure: an honor to work with such a talented staff of inspiring ladies, and a pleasure to be able to get paid to do the cover the television and junk I watch on an everyday basis. I want to thank you all for viewing my TV highlights, nostalgic videos, celebrity tweets, and the rest of the pop culture trash I so enjoy. But even more-so, thank you for indulging me in the silly stuff, like my schoolgirl crush on Ryan Gosling, .gifs of Nancy Grace's boobs, and my excitement about old Nickeoldeon shows returning to TV. Can you believe that before this job, I'd never never even laid eyes onto a single Kardashian-related reality show?


Starting in January I'll be working over at BuzzFeed, but do keep in touch! I tweet, I post my favorite stories on Facebook (fuck the timeline, though!), I'm one of those tumblr addicts, and you can bet I'll still be hanging out over here, lingering in the comments.


My one complaint upon leaving lovely blog is this: How come you guys get to hang out with Mindy Kaling the day after I leave? The irony of her book title is not at all lost on me.

Stay real, Jezzies!

P.S. Apologies in advance if the splash image for this post makes you feel funny inside.

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