So Is Stevie Wonder Blind or What?

Because of his penchant for attending basketball games, his ability to catch a falling mic stand in mid-air, a picture of him taking a picture, and many, many other examples of what seem like damning evidence, there are people out there who believe that the famously blind music legend Stevie Wonder is not actually blind. Apparently, his appearance at last year’s Grammy Awards made people feel like their suspicions were corroborated, but I don’t remember how and even after reading about it, I’m not quite clear what he did to signal sight (the card he read off was printed in braille). People are just funny I guess. (And also trolls.)


Speaking of trolls, Wonder has apparently joined them in their game to disprove his blindness. Speaking to a TMZ paparazzo at LAX (while chomping on what I think is a chocolate bar), Wonder seemed to add more fuel to the speculation.

“I flew a plane once...well actually twice,” he claimed.

The pap then reported that he asked Wonder if he would ever come out as someone with the ability to see.

“In this year, I would reveal the truth,” is Wonder’s apparent response (though the editing of the clip makes it impossible to say what exactly Wonder was responding to, and if in fact he was talking about his sight).

Anyway, either Stevie Wonder isn’t really blind or he has a tremendous sense of humor about himself and his blindness. A human marvel either way.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



GASP! It’s almost as if you can be legally/functionally blind but still have limited sight for things like movement, etc.!