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Snow White Dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel

Illustration for article titled Snow White Dropped from the emSnow White and the Huntsman/em Sequel

Well! Here's one way to re-tell a fairy-tale: Ditch the young female protagonist altogether.


According to Inkoo Kang over at Women And Hollywood, Snow White and the Huntsman — in which Kristen Stewart starred as Snow White — will get a sequel, but it will focus on the Huntsman, aka the one who no one gives a shit about and is no one's favorite fairy-tale character.

The Wrap reports that Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont is in talks to direct the sequel. Guess the Hunstman — aka Chris Hemsworth — will be doing lots of fighting and grunting and galloping and so on. The usual. Action flick. Sure.


But it's strange: If Charlize Theron is expected to reprise her role as the delightfully evil Queen Ravenna, why aren't they calling the movie Queen Ravenna and The Huntsman? Or better yet, just Ravenna? Maleficent-style. Ravenna was the best part of the original flick, making the most of a shitty concept. (Snow White was supposed to be pure, but then she put on armor and hit the battlefield like a regular old war monger. She should have fought the evil queen with love and dwarves and poppies and MDMA or something.)

Anyway, Ravenna had flawless style, gorgeous accessories and a killer (heh) beauty regime. Oh, and she could turn into a fucking murder of crows. How do you not make a movie focusing solely on her? As Inko Kang writes: "In the post-Katniss, post-Frozen, post-Gravity era, one would hope that Hollywood learn to stop worrying and love action heroines already."

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