Snoop Dogg Likes to Surprise Strangers at Their Wedding

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Snoop Dogg made some new friends this weekend.

Taking a page out of Taylor Swift's book, the producer and rapper surpriseed a pair of newlyweds, Joe Scheller and Neesha Ghadiali, at their wedding in Chicago on Sunday. According to ABC News, the wedding photographer spotted Snoop getting out of a limo at the Hard Rock Hotel, where they were getting married. (People get married at the Hard Rock Hotel? OK!)

The groom's mother told the photographer that she was Snoop's "biggest fan," which is glorious and perfect, obviously. (My mom loves Snoop, too. He has that multi-generational appeal thing going on.) So, the photographer approached some members of his entourage and got them to arrange an introduction. He gladly obliged and hung out with the happy couple at the bar (yay wedding booze yay). He later posted this picture to Instagram:


We officially refer to this as the Bill Murray Celebrity Random Surprising Phenomenon.

Image via Snoop Dogg Instagram.

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Kenny and the Llamas

If I was famous this would be my hobby. Bill Murray is my soulmate.

Every Saturday I would swing by Taylor and Burt's Mothy Clothes, or whatever we named it, and Swifty and I would giggle over wedding announcements and figure out who to surprise.