Snooki Crashes Into An Italian Police Car

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Jersey Shore/real life spoiler alert: Snooki crashed into a police car in Italy today, sending two officers to the hospital. While driving with Deena Cortese and a MTV crew member, Snooki hit her police escort’s vehicle and the officers were taken to the hospital on stretchers to be checked for bruises and whiplash. No one was arrested, much to MTV’s chagrin. [Radar]

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight have separated on their fifth wedding anniversary. Our faith in reality TV romance has been shaken to its core! Their manager had this unique statement: “After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated … The decision was mutually reached after it became clear to both that some perspective was needed in order to assess their unique union.” [People]

How do Hollywood’s biggest stars (currently under house arrest) unwind? By lounging on their roof deck and smoking a Blu Cigs electronic cigarette! (And doing paid endorsements, judging from the fact that this photo of Lindsay Lohan was provided by the folks at Blu Cigs.) [E!]
People has a helpful rundown of the rules Lindsay must abide by, for those of you dreaming of being on house arrest some day. Leaving the home for medical appointments is cool, but your court-ordered community service will have to wait until your semi-incarceration is over. [People]

  • A warrant has been issued for Saddle Ranch star Rachel Lay. She recently blew off a court date stemming from a DUI arrest last year. [TMZ]
  • Headline of the day: “Which Kardashian Will Survive the Apocalypse?” Is “none of the above” an option? [E!]
  • Desperate for updates on the romantic entanglements of the young ladies who got pregnant and wound up on a reality show? Here you go: Maci Bookout Tweeted this weekend, “I love my perfect lover, Kyle King!” [Us]
  • Dolly Parton has been keeping up with all the talk about the similarities between Madonna and Lady Gaga and would like the world to know she’d do a duet with either of them. “I’d love to do a duet, always wanted to work with Madonna, but she never asked,” said Dolly. “[Madonna and GaGa are] the perfect fit. I’m as outrageous as they are. I was gaudy before they were gaudy.” [Digital Spy]
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