​SNL's International Nasty Girls Sight-See 'Dongs All Over The World'

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Anna Kendrick hosted a delightful and highly musical episode of Saturday Night Live yesterday. But most importantly, SNL's ladies are back with a follow-up poppy hit after '(Do It On My) Twin Bed.' This time the International Nasty Girls (and Icona Pop!) are taking a trip to see and do 'Dongs All Over The World,' where they "gotta catch 'em all like sexual Pokémon."

The best sketch hands down was SNL's take on the Little Mermaid. Yep, that voice-legs tradeoff would probably be a lot less appealing if Ariel's voice reflected today's pop music.

Ariel The Little Mermaid, Anna Kendrick ~ SNL 4... by HumanSlinky

There are so many awesome things about this sketch, I can barely keep up. Aidy Bryant as Ursula (who has now officially become the voice of reason in my head). The eels. Racist Ariel. And of course, Sebastian Sean Paul.


There was also an Anna-less sketch that took the pain of delightfully awkward flirting as popularized by every indie romantic comedy ever. So, let us hereforth remember this as the weekend whence the phrase "two poos in a pod" was begat.

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Wasn't really feeling* the Dongs sketch. It felt like they wanted as many musical sketches as possible due to Kendrick's presence and they wanted another ensemble dance bit with all the women, and actually figuring out a premise came last* in the process.