Chris Pine’s hosting duties on Saturday Night Live this week gave him plenty of opportunities to play to his wheelhouse of “Star Trek Captain” and “Fratty Douche,” but that persona got a little too real in a Handmaid’s Tale sketch written by Anna Drezen and Sudi Green.

The women of the Republic of Gilead are trying to plan a resistance to the oppressive regime forcibly impregnating them and cutting out their eyes, when they are discovered by men—just a couple of regular bros who they used to party with. Pine’s character keeps calling the four berobed ladies the “Girl Squad,” and demands to know why they haven’t been showing up to epic blowouts anymore. It’s pretty hard to laugh at, and highlights the ways that people who are unaffected by repressive crackdowns can forget about them for as long as they like.


But it’s not that they don’t care! Pine and his bros are willing to help—if it’s convenient. In this vignette, it’s not the bastards who grind you down, it’s the oblivious self-interest of your friends.