SNL's 'Come Back, Barack' Video Captures Our Obama Blues

We all wish Barack Obama would come back to us for just one more day, an hour, a minute, a SECOND. Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live captured our depression in musical form, with a Boyz II Men sendup dedicated to the former president.

As part of an R&B group perfectly named De-Von-Tré, host Chance the Rapper two-steps in formation with Kenan Thompson and new castmember Chris Redd, completely nailing the black ’90s R&B band aesthetic in this video: oversized silk wedding-reception outfits, dancing in the rain, pleading vocal runs, and excessive candles.


“When I think of change, the only change I want is you,” Chance sings. If only it were possible. But as Kenan’s baritone voice says, “it would undermine the very institutions that we’re barely holding onto.”

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