SNL's Aidy Bryant Directed a Short Film and It Looks Delightful

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Aidy Bryant, one of the more recent gems in the comedy crown of Saturday Night Live, has directed a short film called Darby Forever for Vimeo’s Share the Screen initiative. It co-stars your favs Retta and Natasha Lyonne and—based on the trailer—looks utterly weird and delightful.


Share the Screen is a new project by Vimeo that seeks to “help close the gender equality gap” in film. According to Deadline, the project (which was announced at this year’s Sundance) will “fund a minimum of five movies by female filmmakers this year.”


“It’s extremely unfortunate that the traditional industry has allowed things to be out of balance for so long, in terms of equality of opportunity for men and women, but it’s very exciting that Vimeo can do something to help correct that imbalance,” says Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor.

Darby Forever is the first of the Share the Screen films to premiere a trailer. The short, which is currently available for preorder, delves into the rich, colorful fantasy life of retail worker Darby. In addition to starring as the titular character, Bryant wrote and directed the film. It premieres February 18.

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fondue process

you go, lil’ Aidy!

thank you for making this my theme song:

(super bootleg version but still amazing)