SNL Jokes About the Power of Adele's 'Hello,' Syrian Refugees and Star Wars

Another Saturday; another uneven Saturday Night Live. The Matthew McConaughey-hosted episode had a few funny moments including a parody of Fox & Friends, spoof auditions for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a Thanksgiving-inspired sketch about the power of Adele.


The cold open was another spot-on parody of Fox & Friends. It’s a sketch that’s consistently worked for SNL, if only because it’s original source material is incredibly fertile. Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, and Vanessa Bayer have the dumb cruelty of the original show, with its perky delivery down so perfectly, the parody sometimes works uncomfortably well. And certainly that was the case in last night’s sketch: “Why are we supposed to give special treatment to Black Friday?” Bayer’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck says, “I’m just going to say it, all Fridays matter.”

The best sketch of the night was, undoubtedly, a Thanksgiving-inspired sketch that featured a family dinner defined by political debates and generational tensions. The meal is saved when Adele’s “Hello” is played and arguments are dissolved into an emotional family sing along replete with Adele-inspired nails, fur coats, and a wind machine. The full sketch (above) was a nice tribute to the show’s musical guest.

The Star Wars segment was also one of the night’s stronger segments. J.J. Abrams introduced the pre-taped segment and Daisy Ridley and John Boyega both appeared in the sketch. Boyega auditioned for the role of Finn and joked, “Hahahah, a black stormtrooper? Yeah, right.” There were some good impressions in the bit, like Aidy Bryant’s Wynonna Judd and Jon Hamm as himself, but there were a few misses as well (see Emma Stone’s painfully self-referential joke about Aloha).


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OK, guess I should have saved my Adele clip for THIS article (unless Stassa, you wanna make a post all you own)

It’s Adele pranking Adele impersonators, and it is totally worth the 5 minutes