SNL Brings You A Perfect Mashup of Lord of the Rings and The Office

One of the most delightful sketches from last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by a consistent and very comfortable Martin Freeman was this mashup of two of his biggest claims to fame: The Hobbit and The Office, that is, the original one on the BBC.

Weekend Update really tackled the issue of diversity, featuring not one, but two correspondents talking about the lack of inclusivity in the film and tech industries. We had One Dimensional Female Character from a Male-Driven Comedy discussing the underrepresentation of women in films.


And here's Sasheer Zamata highlighting the ever-annoying lack of diversity in emojis, pointing out, "Even the black power fist is white." More Sasheer please!

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I insist we see more of One-Dimensional Female Character, though I suppose we may have seen all of her dimensions... I enjoyed this entire episode. It was very pleasant. And that was the best use of Zamata so far. She's otherwise only been Rihanna/Michelle Obama or random stock background characters. Ooh, and the Christmas Mass Spectacular clip was eerily accurate.