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Sniffing Fruit Can Help You Lose Weight

Illustration for article titled Sniffing Fruit Can Help You Lose Weight

Turns out, fruit and cocaine have more in common than you thought! A psychological experiment at the University of Bourgogne revealed a novel way to help people shed extra pounds: Sniffing fruit. You just get some fruit, and then you sniff it. Sniff it. You love it. Sniiiiiiiiff iiiiiiiiiiiit. SNIFF THE FRUIT.


Via TheCut:

Psychologists at the University of Bourgogne in France say thatsmelling fruit smells can encourage healthy-diet decisions. They split 115 volunteers into two groups, informing them they would test how people communicated while they ate (tricksters!). One group waited in a room smelling of fresh-pear scent, the other waited in a waiting room smelling of room. Seventy-five percent of the control group selected a decadent-brownie-dessert option, while more than half of the group coming from fruit-fragrance room picked an apple-y option.


Some guy somewhere:

Image via Syda Productions/Shutterstock.


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Why do I have a horrible feeling someone is going to misinterpret this and use it as the basis for a new fad diet where instead of eating you just sniff apples?