Snakeskin Fingertips And Other Extreme Nail Art Sweeping Nation

If Good Morning America is to be believed, women are frantically running to their local salons to demand a new style of manicure that will make PETA weep: snakeskin manicures and pedicures. Yes, for $100 bucks a pop, a salon technician will cut bits of the actual skin of a snake into the exact shape of your fingernails and stick them on for a unique, grandiose look. The practice can be traced back to a Texas salon which described its implementation of said snake-nailing thus: "When we first did it on actual customers their first reaction was 'Ew!' and then they said, 'Let me see that.'" Consider me sold.

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Another supposed craze is the "Missoni Manicure," which is really just a series of zig-zags on each nail in the style of the brand's motif. I can sort of understand paying $100 for someone to stick snakeskin on your nails — that seems pretty complicated. But $75 for zig-zags? Please. You can buy bottles of polish with thin brushes to make the exact same thing for $4 at your local drugstore. For pattern inspiration, just turn to sites like Hey, Nice Nails!, nailsnailsnails, and F*ckYeahPrettyNails. And use that $70 to buy a snake or something.

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Folks, I know we want to have our moral outrage here, but...

...that skin looks like the slough from a snake that shed its skin. I don't think any slitheries lost their lives in the making of these nails.