Smokey Robinson Has Launched a Skincare Line and the Product Names Have Really Got a Hold on Me

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76-year-old titan of smooth jams Smokey Robinson and his wife Frances recently started a skincare line bearing the eh name of Skinphonic. No matter, because the names for the his-and-hers products within the line are most certainly not prompting any clown to shed tears.

Smokey and Frances founded the line, People reports, to specifically target skin issues affecting people of color that products primarily tested on white people don’t address. A great detail: the men’s line is called Get Ready Cause Here I Come and the woman’s line is called My Girl.


I mean.

“I’ve always been conscious of taking care of myself. I get this one body this one time, so I want it to be cool for as long as it can be,” Smokey told People. Smokey, I can honestly say: you’ve been successful.

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