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Slomin's Shield Offers Protection Against Burglars, Nagging Wives

Did Slomin's read our numerous complaints about Broadview Security Systems' ads? Unlike its competitor, Slomin's doesn't claim to thwart rapists stalking white, middle-class women. According to this commercial, the Slomin's Shield can shut up hysterical women of any ethnicity.


This is cleary a big improvement over the Brinks/Broadview Security Systems ads. Slomin's deserves a tip of the hat for showing that not all fearful suburbanites are white, and not promoting the idea that women can't be left home alone for two minutes without assailants busting their doors down.

Slomin's takes a different sexist angle: Irrational fears. A Slomin's security system is the only hope these husbands have for convincing their wives to stop worrying about non-existent noises or to leave the kids home alone with the babysitter (!?). Though, as demonstrated by the first wife, if you do have the Slomin's Shield, she'll probably just bitch about how stupid the neighbors are.


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Benevolent_Dictatrix (patently absurd)

I had a break-in scare the other day (someone tried to open my door in the middle of the night). I am getting an alarm put in, but I hate feeling like I'm capitulating to these people and their stupid culture of fear (for the wimmins) ads.