Slender Man Halloween Costumes Inspire Outrage

Halloween is right around the corner, which means stores are rapidly filling with revolting candy-corn creations and cheap polyester costumes. Among them: Slender Man costumes. And the parents of Waukesha County — site of this spring's "Slender Man Stabbing" - -are not happy.

That's according to Fox6 News, which put on its investigative cap and found Slender Man costumes being sold at a local Party City and a store called Spirit Halloween. "I don't think they should be sold in the stores," said one parent; added another, "It's horrible. I can't imagine how many people would wear that." "I think the stores could do a better job choosing their costumes for kids to not promote violence," said yet another parent who obviously has never walked into a Halloween store of any sort. Slender Man is, like, just the 200th most violent item in your average Party City circa October 15.


It's a classic local-news freakout. But then, anybody who actually goes to school with the girl who was attacked would have to be a complete dick to wear one of the costumes. Said one parent, "Just the reaction with the neighborhood and the girl's finally back in school and feeling good and I just think this would set her back." Which is a very fair point.

But perhaps most horrifying is that these shoddy getups are going for $40. What an appalling waste of money!

(h/t Radar)

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