Sleazy IMF Chief's Defense: Sex With Maid Was Consensual

Defenses of Dominique Strauss-Kahn keep pouring in — an anonymous source says his encounter with a hotel maid may have been consensual, and his ex-wife says he can't possibly be guilty.

The New York Post quotes DSK's lawyer, Ben Branfman, who says, "The evidence, we believe, will not be consistent with a forcible encounter." And "a source close to the defense" adds, "There may well have been consent." The Post sums all this up with a typically classy headline (left), once again implying that what happened in the hotel room was a matter of "seduction." All this is a big change from yesterday, when DSK's lawyers were apparently telling the French media he was having lunch with his daughter at the time of the assault. All this story-changing doesn't make DSK look particularly good — but some are claiming it's the New York police who are changing their story.

DSK's current wife Anne Sinclair has already spoken out in support of her husband, but now his ex-wife Brigitte Guillemette is joining in. She says,

Since his arrest, I note that the police have changed their version (of events). They first set the facts at around 1pm. Then they learned that wasn't possible as at that time Dominique was lunching with his daughter, so they situated the time at midday.

Guillemette reiterates the common refrain that DSK is a "charmer" but not capable of sexual assault: "I don't think I've ever seen him lock a door. He's someone who is gentle." She adds, "The facts related by the American police are not compatible with the man I know and with whom I lived for more than ten years." The brother of DSK's alleged victim, meanwhile, tells the Post she couldn't be part of a "honey trap": "I don't think that's fair. My sister's a very nice woman and not capable of that." He's much less famous than DSK's friends and family, however, and so far, their point of view has been a lot more visible than his.

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