'Slash DJ' and Other Occupations of Vogue Wedding Dress Models

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There's a slideshow on Vogue.com titled "Hitched! 30 Wedding Dresses for the Bride-to-Be." The folks modeling the dresses, are, for the most part, not models. There are some "real" people mixed in. But that doesn't mean they don't have some particularly Vogue jobs. There are a lot of Slashies.


Slashies. You know. Model/actress. Hooker/waitress. Designer/DJ. Slash slash slash.

Here are the occupations listed and therefore Vogue-approved:

  • DJ/producer/activist
  • photographer (2)
  • model (5)
  • brand director
  • artist (2)
  • student (3)
  • journalist/writer
  • "fifteen, and, of course, single"
  • event producer/DJ
  • stylist/DJ
  • fashion designer
  • musician
  • "18 and far too young to contemplate a star turn at the altar"
  • editor (2)
  • restaurant manager
  • editorial manicurist
  • bartender
  • chef
  • dancer
  • modeling agent
  • brand consultant
  • baker
  • designer
  • DJ
  • production coordinator
  • actress/designer
  • writer
  • consultant
  • professional surfer/filmmaker
  • filmmaker
  • and last, but not least: performance artist/dance teacher/poet/yogi

How Vogue is your job?

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WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS CAPTION EVEN MEAN (this applies to almost every caption in the slideshow):

"When she decides to settle down, she'll want something downtown and delightful (and so cool it could be Japanese, but it's not!)."