Last week, L.A. Weekly published a profile by Art Tavana about pop musician Sky Ferreira, which largely focused on Tavana’s extremely edgy horniness. (Julianne explains it here.)

Tavana’s editor Andy Hermann released an apology on Saturday, saying they’d crossed a line from provocative to offensive. Hermann wrote:

Tavana’s intention, the way I saw it, was to write about an artist he admires in a way that didn’t shy away from her use of her image and sexuality as a part of that artistry. I felt that, in doing this, he wasn’t trying to objectify or degrade her. But some of his language was deliberately inflammatory and ultimately at odds with that underlying intention.

He wasn’t trying to be offensive, everybody!

At first, Sky Ferreira responded to the apology with this cheeky photo of her comparing tatas with Madonna:

Then, on Monday night, Ferreira went into much more detail. In a long Twitter conversation with herself, she touched on all the ways that she is passively or aggressively insulted by the media, whether they’re trying to do so or not:

For an unofficial statement, it covers a lot.

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