Skechers Finally Issues Refunds for Their Shitty Shape-Up Shoes

Over a year ago, Skechers, the shoe company notable for taking ideas other shoe companies have and ripping them off, got their ass handed to them for claiming that those weird clam-shaped shoes they were shilling did not, in fact, give you Kim Kardashian's butt. This week, they are finally paying out.


The FTC forced Skechers to admit that their Shape-Ups (as well as Tone-Ups and any other kind of Upper), marketed by celebs like Kardashian and Brooke Burke, did absolutely nothing for the body wearing them, other than make the wearer looking absolutely idiotic. 509,175 people are getting refund checks, which they have to cash before October 10 of this year. For those who didn't want to admit earlier that they too were duped by a Kardashian-approved product, note that:

The amount consumers will receive is based on the portion of their claims that was approved. The deadline for filing a refund request has expired.

The FTC also suggests that "Consumers...carefully evaluate advertising claims for work-out gear and exercise equipment," suggesting you check out their helpful guide entitled "Tips for Buying Exercise Equipment."

If only Skechers had just left the name alone and let it go down in history as a term used to indicate a really fly haircut.



My elderly father with balance issues swears Shape-Ups help him develop his calf muscles and force him to walk straight. But I'm not sure how that works when he only wears them to sit on the couch and watch the Yankees.

Plus, at no time has he ever displayed tendencies toward acquiring Kim Kardashian's butt.