Six-Year-Old Daughter of a Firefighter Saves Her Family From Inferno

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GET THE KLEENEX: A six-year-old Massachusetts firefighter's daughter saved her entire family from an early-morning fire that completely destroyed their home.


The Boston Globe reports (h/t New York Daily News) that Victoria Pierro woke around 5 a.m, when the fan in her room stopped working. She went and woke her mom, who quickly realized everybody had to get out immediately:

"I looked up and the kitchen was lit up,'' Lori Pierro said. "The house inside wasn't on fire yet, but I could see the glow through the door . . . and I just grabbed her. We ran upstairs, got my sons and my husband and just ran and screamed, 'Fire! Fire! Fire!' "


Victoria's warning gave them precious extra seconds to evacuate. Kevin Breen, the Swampscott Fire Chief (and her dad's boss), said the Pierros "passed the door that led out to the garage where we believe the fire started, and made it out the other back door just as the kitchen was catching fire," which means they were "literally chased out of the building by the fire."

The family lost their house, a new car and their Christmas presents, but "We're all safe. That's the most important thing," said Lori Pierro.

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She did better than me; in 6th grade on a November Saturday morning in Maine, I woke to the sound of the fire alarm and convinced myself that it was my brother's alarm clock. It was 5 am and freezing and rather than drag myself out of my toasty bed, I lay there drowsing and wishing he would get up and start his paper route already. And then my Dad got up and the next sound was "HOLY SHIT, EVERYONE OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! NOW!!" Fortunately, we only had to live in a hotel for three weeks while the wreckage of our basement was dealt with; our house remained intact except for that and part of the first floor. Needless to say, I get up when I hear an alarm now and am not a hundred percent positive it's just an alarm clock.