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Sitting on This Chair Feels Like Sitting on Human Flesh

Illustration for article titled Sitting on This Chair Feels Like Sitting on Human Flesh

Feeling lonely? Miss the scent of a man? Well, now there’s furniture made to feel like you’re cuddling with a guy’s belly who just happens to be shaped like a chair! Guys, my own skin is recoiling in revolt.


A British designer named Gigi Barker, according to Quartz, has been working really hard to craft a chair that feels and smells like human flesh and finally she’s succeeded. Yay. The “fabric” of her furniture pieces are made from a “phermone-impregnanted silicone base” that are made to feel like skin and fleshy smell is based on the aftershave of a gent Barker used as her model.

For just around $2,545, you too can have extra skin and re-enact that freaky scene from Silence of the Lambs while sitting down. Just check out Barker’s website and you’ll never feel alone on your couch again.


ps. I'm just going to just say what many of us are thinking: flesh light.

Image via Gigi Barker.

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"What are you doing tonight?"

"I thought I'd cuddle up in my manskin chair, inhaling the pheremones as I lovingly rub lotion into its creases. Then, I thought I'd pour myself a nice Chianti and a bath, and cry large salty tears until bedtime."