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Sister Wives Does A Kid Swap

Illustration for article titled emSister Wives/em Does A Kid Swap

Say what you will about all the of the drama that goes on in the Brown Family, but Sister Wives certainly has shown us that—even if it has serious drawbacks—having a sister wife (or wives) would sometimes be pretty awesome. Whether it's sharing the cooking or allowing you some much needed time away from your husband, sister wives have some perks. And on the episode which airs tonight we'll see Christine's daughter Ysabel (Why are so many of their names spelled with Y's?) move in with sister wife Meri. And, just because she wants to do whatever Ysabel does, Robyn's daughter Breanna also moves in with Meri. Kid swap!


As was established a few episodes back, Ysabel likes to "disrespect" Christine, and they "butt heads a lot." This is a very common occurrence in monogamous households across the world, of course, but the difference when you live a polygamist lifestyle is that when your child annoys you, you can send them away to live with someone else! And not just some stranger, someone whom they love and someone whom you trust. We'll have to see how permanent they plan on making this arrangement, but you gotta admit that as a short term arrangement it sounds pretty perfect. I'm also curious to see what, if anything, Christine and Robyn are going to do for Meri to return the favor.


Sneak Peek: TLC's 'Sister Wives' Swap Kids [AOL TV]

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