Simple and Understated Wins the Race

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LA, May 14: When Ke$ha's manager told her that the best way to combat pre-Wango Tango stage fright was to picture the audience in their underwear, he didn't think she'd go so far as to purchase X-Ray goggles. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)



You wanna know what's sad? This is how good of a songwriter/singer Kesha can be.

Now, I love Blow (the song, not the drug...and not the ACTIVITY, though I don't know...I mean...Goddess, that's a doozy of a title) by Kesha as much as any dancer who wants a great club jam, or someone who enjoys humor and unicorns. But when talented singers and songwriters literally have to make themselves seem LESS talented and smart (not to mention CLEAN) to succeed?'s something un-good is what I say.