Silvio Berlusconi Finally Says He'll Step Down

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Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has finally agreed to resign, meaning the end to his reign of bunga-bunga is in sight. The Times reports that he was under increased pressure to step down after failing to win a majority in today's parliamentary budget vote. He now says he'll leave as soon as Parliament passes a series of economic austerity measures requested by the EU. Once he's gone, he'll lose his immunity from prosecution in several corruption cases, which means that although his political career may be drawing to a close, his legal shitshow is just beginning.

Berlusconi Offers To Quit If Euro Reforms Are Passed [NYT]
Berlusconi To Resign After Parliament OKs Reforms [AP, via Atlanta Journal-Consitution]

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He has approximately one month to fix shit up so he doesn't go to jail, and you can expect he will. Meanwhile, those of us who were waiting to do the conga and get shitfaced at the news are now forced to do a very silent, slow and wistful conga and drink herbal tea instead.

What a bloody killjoy.