Another week, another ridiculous revelation regarding Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties. This week, we learn he likes him some nuns.

The Guardian reports on the statement of one Fadil Imane, a Moroccan woman who says she was invited to one of Berlusconi's bashes by two of his alleged procurers. She explains,

I went to the party and I met Silvio Berlusconi and the other girls and also there was Barbara Faggioli and Nicole Minetti. In the party room where there was a pole for dancing they both put on dark nun tunics, including the headcover and a red cross.

A DJ who was there played music and they both then performed a sexy striptease, eventually ending up dancing around the pole in their underwear.


You may remember Nicole Minetti as the showgirl-turned-dental-hygienist-turned-politician who is accused of recruiting ladies for Berlusconi's parties. Costumes have been a bit of a recurring pattern at these, if you believe the allegations — one of them apparently featured women in Santa suits. But the one Imane attended wasn't all fun and games — in addition to belly-dancing, she says she explained to Berlusconi how "best to negotiate with then Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi."


Women 'Dressed As Nuns For Stripteases' At Silvio Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga Parties [Guardian]