Sigourney Weaver Says She Would Work With Roman Polanski Again

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The Hollywood Reporter did a lengthy interview with Sigourney Weaver that focused heavily on the entertainment industry, the #MeToo movement, and the upcoming midterm elections—but nestled in the Q&A is a bit where Weaver defends the possibility of working with director Roman Polanski, who she previously worked with on Death and the Maiden in 1994.


Asked if she has any regrets about working with Polanski, Weaver gave a convoluted answer that basically says, “There’s no excuse for what he did,” and “It wasn’t that bad” at the same time (and also somehow blames his victim’s parents for not looking out for her enough?):

I have to say, looking back, and I wasn’t really in Hollywood then, but things that I would hear, it was a much different time and that’s no excuse for what he did at all but all I’m saying is it stands out more now than it did at the time because people were desperate to be in movies and I think it’s unimaginable now for a mother to drop off a thirteen year old with someone like Roman.

Weaver argued she would work with him again given all that has changed since he pleaded guilty to raping an underage girl:

Would you work with him again?

Yes, I think I would. To be quite honest I think I would. He’s now happily married; he has two children. I’m sure that he and the children have had some interesting conversations about it. He pled guilty. Does he regret it? I’m sure he does.

Weaver also cites Polanski’s victim Samantha Geimer, who has said “I’m not as traumatized as everyone thought I should have been,” as a reason for letting it go:

The #MeToo movement asks that we listen to those who’ve experienced sexual harassment or assault — really listen. So when Roman’s victim asks us all to move on with understanding and compassion, I choose to listen to her.


Just another day where creeps can keep their reputation even when they admit to being huge fucking creeps.

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He pled guilty, but he he didn’t serve his sentence, Sigourney. He never accepted responsibility for his actions.