Sick Of Vogue? Start Your Own Fashion Glossy

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With print magazines folding left and right, Hewlett-Packard has decided that it's time for some D.I.Y. publishing.


H.P. has introduced a new web service called MagCloud, which allows users to upload their own magazines and order prints, for 20 cents a page. So far, MagCloud has published over 300 magazines, on topics ranging from Mormon painters to food photography. Although large printing presses can produce many more pages at a much lower price, MagCloud makes it cost-effective for independent publishers to print as many (or as few) copies as they need. "We're not talking about replacing the Vanity Fairs of the world. But it's a nifty idea for a vanity press that reminds me of the underground zines we had in the '60s and '70s," said journalism professor Samir Husni. [NY Times]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

This will be perfect for "I Hate Trees Monthly." Each issue is 200 pages long and mostly ads about how the liberal media tries to make trees seem good when they are, in fact, bad.