Sia's Face Covering Is Now Making Everybody Uncomfortable

Sia is so mysterious. What does she look like? Does she really look like Maddie Ziegler? Or is she more of a Lena Dunham? Maybe we'll never know! Or maybe you already know because her face is on the cover of her last two albums and all over the internet.


At any rate, Sia's decision to stay out the spotlight for 1000 Forms of Fear's promotional cycle has gotten a little out of hand. In the latest Saturday Night Live promos, she sports what looks like a tulle-covered visor — the stuff of a crafty, Southern mom's dreams. And it leads to some pretty bad jokes. Enjoy the deep discomfort of Kevin Hart and Kate McKinnon.

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Eh. She does look silly, but I think she's been pretty open about her struggle with anxiety and depression. I work in entertainment, and am frequently photographed and filmed. I don't really hate my looks - like I certainly did when I was younger - but a bad, unflattering photo can make me uptight and anxious, especially as I age and my weight fluctuates. Sia gets 500 times the amount of attention and scrutiny that I do. I don't blame her for saying "fuck it," and taking a step back.