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Mean Girls, the 11-year-old teen comedy you probably know by heart, will soon be coming to your phone as a free-to-play (don’t you just hate that?) “choose-your-own-adventure gaming experience.” THR reports the game will be a sort-of sequel, taking place “after the events” of the 2004 film.

Players will enroll in the fictional high school as seniors and interact with characters from the film. “You as a user make choices that can affect the storyline,” says [Pocket Gems’] Khalfan. “What clothing you are wearing, what you do, the characters that you talk to — every choice you make will affect what happens in the story.”


So basically, if you want your character to wear army pants and flip flops, you can make them wear army pants and flip flops.

The most promising thing about the game is that its story will be written by Kirsten Smith, the screenwriter of 10 Things I Hate About You. The least promising thing about the game is how much real money will be spent in an effort to blend in with digital plastics.

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