Show Us Your Frankenstorm Food Stash

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As Hurricane Sandy churns through the Atlantic Ocean at 90 MPH, East Coasters are frantically preparing for evacuations, power failures and complete shutdowns of public transportation.


They are also buying snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. And then eating all of those snacks before it even starts raining.

Yesterday, my roommates and I bought enough food to last us (and some of our Zone A friends) until the middle of the week. Last night, at around 6 P.M., we sat down with a significant amount of that food and began to eat all of it while watching Seinfeld. By 9 P.M., I realized that I had consumed 2 bowls of homemade lentil soup, the better part of a box of crackers and a wedge of cheese, innumerable fancy chocolate peanut butter cups, and two whiskey-ginger ales, amongst other foodstuffs I have undoubtedly forgotten. For no apparent reason (it was barely windy yet) other than, you know, food is delicious.


I know I'm not alone here in my hurricane-inspired gluttony, so let's share photos of the delicious/smart/impractical/creative/weird food stashes we have crowding our kitchens. Here's mine, not counting all of the new stuff we went out and bought this morning. (Doughnuts! Frozen pizza! Sriracha! The necessities.) If the power goes out, I'll just have to carve a blog post into that pumpkin. (Of course, the water and all of the salad stuff is still untouched — but that baguette is long gone.)

Illustration for article titled Show Us Your Frankenstorm Food Stash

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I picked up a bunch of Fiber One bars, because IMO they are the only tasty granola bar, and the girl at the check-out counter looked at my stash and very quietly said, "If the power goes out... you might not be able to flush." I did not buy those bars.