Should You Use the Same Soap as Your Significant Other or Does That Ruin the Whole Damn Thing?

The question posed here is not one concerned with cleanliness, or any other sort of “you should do this because it’s the right way to live your life” but merely one of curiosity: Do you mind smelling the same as the person you are supposed to be trying to maintain a sexual attraction to?

I ask this question because of the way things tend to go in relationships; you start spending a lot of time together, maybe even in move in together, and suddenly, you are sharing more than your very deep feelings. You’re sharing products, and in some cases, it’s easier, both financially and time-wise, to use the same thing.


But what does this do to your chosen partner’s scent (or yours) and therefore, what does it do to your attraction to each other? Even for those of us who prefer things as non-scented as possible, products always smell like something. Which means, given how much of attraction is related to scent, if you are attracted to someone at the beginning partially because they smell good, but then they start using a new product that smells like you (which means it’s hard for you to determine its scent at all), does that make the attraction fade?

Considering the real struggle is probably that most men still don’t understand the value of a good body lotion (I’ve been told their body hair gets in the way, which seems like a weak answer), maybe the answer is we have bigger fish to fry. But talk amongst yourselves, please.

Image via beeboys/Shutterstock

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