Should You Fuck Tim Tebow?

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It's a fair question! The Denver Broncos' mission-tripping, orphan-loving, foreskin-snipping, prisoner-inspiring, anti-choice-crusading, eye black-preaching, pre-game and post-touchdown-praying quarterback is, in addition to all of the aforementioned qualifications for sainthood, a man. A man who is purportedly a virgin and saving himself for marriage, but a man nonetheless. And some of us happen to have sex with men. As we stumble through life, our souls barreling through the cosmos, the mysterious universe pushing us in unknown directions, through unforetold twists and hairpin turns — well, who knows what the fates may have in mind?


Anything is possible. Life is magic.

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Oh god no!! But I have to say, during the past few weeks I've been wondering if God (or maybe the devil) does love Tim Tebow a lot. Like maybe for the first three quarters of the games god's working on smiting people or making miracles happen and then intervenes in football at the last annoying moment. I'm just not convinced that Tebow's that good despite the fact that he's been winning (though I am very biased against him).