Shooting Suspect's Wife Wrote About Pills On Wedding Website

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Last night, David Laffer (pictured) and his wife Melinda Brady were charged with brutally gunning down four people at a Long Island pharmacy. Now it turns out Brady had a long history of posts on a wedding discussion forum, detailing her use of prescription painkillers.


According to an extremely overwrought article in the New York Daily News, police say Brady was addicted to pain pills, and 10,000 hydrocodone pills ("a scourge of the streets") were stolen from the pharmacy. Brady and Laffer were married in January 2009, and in 2007, a user named 2009wedding began posting in forums on the site 2009wedding's user picture closely resembles Brady and Laffer's wedding photo, her wedding date is the same as Brady and Laffer's, and a number of users say 2009wedding was Brady. In a December post, 2009wedding wrote about her difficulties with her fiance's family:

My fh [future husband's] family also caused a lot of problems for me with the wedding planning and all I can see is me remembering all the bad things they did to me but then I thought about it the day is about fh and I and no one is going to wreck my wedding day or make me upset. [...] I am hoping for everyone to be a family and be close with each other after my wedding and after all the stress is gone. I always wanted that and I am going to try and see if I can make things work with fh's family. I want to. It would be great.

The next day, she wrote,

I never had any of these problems with any other guys sister or sisters. I got along with my ex's family member (brothers, sisters, mothers cousins, fathers ect.) This is the first time I am with a guy who has a sister that hates me and wants to make my life hell and wants to do whatever it takes to get me out of there family.

And earlier in 2008, she described how distraught she was after dental surgery:

I have been going threw a lot the last few months with my teeth and I have been so upset that I have been going threw this. I feel like it is never going to end. I just had two surgeries at once last Saturday and I am still in pain. I am having problems eating and it making me not want to eat. I feel bad I am putting my parents threw this, my fh, and my sister. A lot of things have been happening to me and I am so stressed and upset about everything that has been going on with me. Going threw all this has got me second guessing everything about my life and the future. I have no idea how to make this feeling and think stop. I do love my fh [future husband] don't get me wrong.


Downthread, she adds that she is taking "3 different kinds [of pills] for this pain. I only take it if I really have to. I really hate taking them." In November, she alludes to possible mood problems in her fiance, and mentions that he took Wellbutrin: "FH took this and he was not moody at all. I actually liked him better when he was on that lol. I can deal with him better." Her dental issues appear to continue into December, and relationship problems appear:

Fh is starting in with me today and making me feel worse then I already do. Today I may be having my tooth pulled since three weeks ago they did an apico [root surgery] and that didn't work. I have had 11 apico's done in my mouth and I am still in a lot of pain. You would think my fh would feel bad for me and support me no all he does is try and pick fights . I am trying to plan a wedding and get everything done cause my wedding is a month away and on top of that take care of my mouth so I am not in pain for my wedding and I am getting no support or help from fh. My parents are the ones trying to make me less stressed and help me out. On top of that they are paying for my dental work and a big part of the wedding. I am very grateful to them I really am. I am so stressed, feel like crap and in a lot of pain. I wish that my wedding was over or this dental crap would come to an end. And I wish my fh would be there for me and help me out instead of attacking me when I don't feel well.


It's not clear whether Brady's pill addiction started with her 2008 surgeries. What is clear is that a relationship that began sweetly — albeit rockily — appears to have taken a deadly turn. Yesterday, Brady told police, "He did it. He did all of this. He was doing it because he lost his job and I was sick. I'm sorry he did all of this." In 2007, 2009wedding wrote,

I know my wedding is going to be great. I also have a wonderful fh who I love with all my heart. No one is going to wreck my day we are going to have a great wedding with or without my family. I am happy and in love. That is all I care about.


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I wonder if the tooth problems could have been caused by overuse of opiates...long term use of oxycontin can causes osteopenia/osteoperosis. Also, opiate addicts I've known crave sugar (and generally don't have the best oral hygiene) which I think is from drops in blood sugar due to poor nutrition.

The article about this couple and the shooting in the NYTimes today made me incredibly sad. It also made me angry, especially quotes like this: "At a news conference at Suffolk police headquarters, officials struggled to explain why Mr. Laffer, a former soldier, would resort to such violence. They said he had no criminal background." If you've ever had a close friend or relative that became addicted to pain pills, you would eventually understand why things like this happen. These people are not acting in their right mind. They've lost themselves to these drugs and become shells of human beings. They do not understand what they are doing, that it is violent, that it is wrong, or that there are consequences. None of that exists in their minds once oxycontin has taken hold of them, especially if they've been addicted for years, as even when they are not high, their minds are already gone.

It doesn't make the shooting any less tragic, if anything it maybe makes it more tragic, because it could have been prevented. He was probably once of sound mind, in the military, and held the same job for seven years. He probably wasn't a violent sociopath all along. It's what oxy turns you into.

Unfortunately, I have experience with this because my brother went through this same cycle after becoming addicted to oxy. He was in a car accident several years ago and prescribed oxy for back pain. He was also prescribed physical therapy, but you can guess which one insurance refused to cover after a while. As such, he became addicted, lost his job, lost his apartment, stole from strangers and family, and ultimately ended up in jail for the burglaries. We tried all we could before it came to incarceration—rehab numerous times, but 30-60 days wasn't enough. For months and months and months, every time I would see my mom's number on the caller ID, I was worried it was the "he's dead" or the "he's killed someone" call. In jail, he would call frantically thinking that he was there because he had murdered us, and he was ultimately placed in the psych unit because he was so far removed from reality. My mom refused to bail him out, and it took that 1-2 months of him totally drying out in jail to begin to realize who, what, and where he was. Luckily, because he was a first offender, he was sentenced to restitution, 2 years of probation and drug court. He's been clean 3+ months now and seems to be doing better, and all I can hope is that it stays that way. The doctor said it will take 2+ years before his mind and body are completely clear of the effects of the oxycontin.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd I'm done venting.

But really, the fact that these drugs are available in every pharmacy, through a prescription that almost any doctor can write, and that they bring US companies billions of dollars in revenue just blows my mind.