Shondaland's New Show The Catch Looks Like Pure Soapy Goodness

Illustration for article titled Shondalands New Show iThe Catch /iLooks Like Pure Soapy Goodness

On Monday I bid adieu to ABC’s Revenge, but I can stop mourning because Shonda Rhimes’s newest show The Catch starring Mireille Enos of The Killing looks like a kick-ass replacement. Shonda and ABC know what I like.

On The Catch, there’s Alice, the fraud investigator with her shit together, Kieran, her scruffy fiancé with a killer secret, Evan, her chocolate friend and Alice’s plot to rectify those who’ve wronged her (which seems to be her con artist soon-to-be husband Kieran, smh). I am so ready for this show ... and so are my couch, fuzzy socks and wine glasses.


Image via ABC.

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i assume that joel kinnaman will be around in later episodes