Shoes Adjust To Your Monthly Cycle

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While we generally support efforts to design for women, these hormonal running shoes from Asics are just ridiculous. We're not scientists, but the sneakers — which supposedly adjust to your period-feet — sound like a very well padded rip-off. [DailyMail]



It might actually be kind of fun to go into a Foot Locker and buy a pair of these.

"Yes, young man, you CAN help me. I'm looking to buy a pair of those hormonal running shoes, so that I can run my best throughout my entire menstrual period. I'm menstruating right now, so I thought this would be a good time to try them on. Or would it be better to come back when I'm ovulating? Do you know if they still work for women who have a very heavy flow? I have a very heavy flow, you see. Can you tell me exactly how the cushioning will expand and contract at each point in my cycle? I've brought along this handy chart, so let's just go through it phase by phase, shall we?"