Shockingly, 'Looking For a Girlfriend' Dude Seems Like Kind of a Dick

If you’re in New York City, you’ve probably passed a flyer with a picture of a man named Dan Perino proclaiming that he’s “Looking for a Girlfriend.” Did you respond to his advertisement? Well, someone did. Actually, if you believe what he told Jena Friedman, a lot of someones did.

Perino, who says he likes “petite women that are heavy chested,” spoke to comedian Jena Friedman and said this stunt hasn’t brought the love of his life to his door yet but he’s had a lot of fun looking. Friedman, amazingly, keeps a straight face while asking him about all of the women he’s dated or might date.


“What about a woman who froze her eggs at 31, she’s 38 and she’s blind and she has small breasts, would you date her?”

Real questions deserve real answers.

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“Physically, it’s really not that important...but I do have a type.” OF COURSE YOU DO.

“I’m not attracted to women my age.” OF COURSE NOT

Ladies, this guy, who is old, fat, not attractive, can’t deal with women his own age, thinks he deserves an attractive, fit titsy 25 year old.
This is the world we live in.