Upon hearing that E! quickly turned footage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' crumbling marriage into a new season of Kim And Kourtney Take New York, I was half disgusted, half excited to see these terrible people get what was coming to them. And while watching last night's season premiere, I learned a valuable lesson: you should really get to know someone before tying the knot.


The clips selected above highlight some of the obvious conflicts in the marriage: Sharing space for the first time, keeping that space tidy, being considerate of one another, living with another couple and their baby. But we also discover that while Kris Humphries is not cut out for the spotlight. He might have thought he was cool with Kim's lifestyle, but he clearly despises the reality of it. In the episode, Kris and Kim attend a huge party in their honor. Kris doesn't want to pose for photos. He doesn't want to do press interviews. He doesn't want to cut the stupid cake that's at the party for no apparent reason. He doesn't want to do anything, really, except leave, which Kim can't seem to wrap her head around. "You gotta do more with me! Just 15 more minutes" Kim pleads, and later says "this is so embarrassing" because "it's important that Kris is a part of this [press], this is for us." By the end of this first episode, Kris has moved out of the Kardashian penthouse in New York and back to Minnesota to "train" for an NBA season that we all know hasn't happened yet. Didn't Momager Kris give Husband Kris a talking-to regarding the reality of the Kardashian reality-TV world?

[Kourtney And Kim Take New York]

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