Shocker: Trump's Michigan Voter Fraud Lawsuit Is Full of Complaints About Black People, Uh, Voting

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You know that lawsuit President Trump and his team filed in Michigan, “citing irregularities, incompetence, and unlawful vote counting” in Detroit? Would you be surprised to discover that the complaints in the suit are largely bullshit?


HuffPost pored over 234 pages of affadavits released by the Trump campaign detailing apparent abuses that took place in Detroit, a city that helped Joe Biden become President-Elect. The anecdotes were reportedly a mix of run of the mill Election Day hiccups and insipid whining about mean Democrats and distance requirements from Republican poll watchers, who probably were looking to unearth something “suspicious” from the jump. According to HuffPost, while the “mostly white Republican suburbanites” who watched the ballots tallying in Detroit—you know, the Black city where all the big bad election crimes would naturally happen—didn’t find direct evidence of mass voter fraud, they flagged various suspicious people.

These suspicious people, conveniently, often wore “Black Lives Matter” shirts and masks. (One complainant specifically mentioned a “man of intimidating size with a BLM shirt on.”)

From HuffPost:

“I was told ‘go back to the suburbs Karen’ and other harassing statements,” Jennifer Lindsey Cooper wrote. “The Democrat challengers would say things like ‘Do you feel safe with this [woman] near you’ and ‘is this Karen bothering you?’ I believe this was designed to intimidate me and obstruct me from observing and challenging.”

One woman complained about a “tactic of fake befriending,” and said some people would “ask lots of questions to Republican challengers to either gather info or distract you while trying to observe.” The observer, Kristy Klamer, also complained that a Democratic challenger had asked her a reasonable question: “Why did you come here?” When Klamer said they needed more Republicans at the location in Detroit, she wrote that the Democratic challenger said, “I’m sure there is fraud everywhere I think I’ll go to your town next time.”

And if they weren’t bitching, they were busy galaxy braining about the election results. It’s worth noting that these were individuals who were given approximately 20 minutes of training. Unfortunately, this training did not appear to weed out the conspiracy theorists.

Take Braden Gaicobazzi, who says police eventually escorted him out of the facility. Gaicobazzi wrote that he showed up because he saw “an online note” from someone “within my GOP network of friends” about 35,000 ballots being received “in the middle of the night.”


Gaicobazzi also thought it very suspicious that so many members of the military from the Detroit area would vote for Biden, who he estimated received 80% of the military ballots he saw.

“I had always been told that military personnel tended to be more conservative, so this stuck out to me as the day went on,” Gaicobazzi wrote.


Being mean doesn’t indicate voter fraud, and being ignorant about the demographics of, say, members of the military doesn’t either. But these are the same people who probably think Biden stole the election, so there’s no reasoning with them anyhow.

Attention Kornacki Hive: Apparently Steve Kornacki, MSNBC’s election board monkey, slept at his desk during the week of the presidential election. No bed, no couch, just a desk and the same ol’ clothes.


“I just kept [my] clothes on because I stayed on the air,” Kornacki said, before admitting that he simply rested his head on his desk and didn’t sleep in a real bed for days. His clothes took a beating too. Look at this fuckin’ tie!


“I got home on Saturday and I slept for 15 and a half hours,” Kornacki added, very matter of factly.


Are there no... places to sleep in the NBC headquarters? No pull out bed? No air mattress? Did Kornacki at last have a blankie? This is criminal! Kornacki gives and gives and gives and what does he get in return?

Probably a shit ton of money actually. Nevermind. He’s fine.

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