Shitfaced Australians Are Taking Too Many 'Sickies,' Costing Billions

Australians are getting drunk AF and taking so many sick days (“sickies”) that it’s costing them billions, according to a new report. Good times, though.


The report, published on Monday in the Australian New Zealand Journal of Public Health, reveals that its citizens take roughly 11.5 million sick days a year, with an economic loss of about $2.2 billion.

Survey participants confessed to skipping out on a total of 1.7 million days because of hangovers and 854,497 days as a result of drug use. According to Mashable:

The report showed that drinkers were absent more than 7 million days annually than those who abstained from drinking, and drug consumers were not showing up to work 4 million more days annually than those who had never used drugs. It seems the party animals are letting the hard workers pick up the slack.


Fosters. Australian for beer.

With the report, the journal hopes to highlight the significant preventable loss suffered by businesses due to employees having wild nights out, and pushes for workplaces to implement strategies that look at promoting healthy employee behaviour.

TL;DR: Australians have the most fun. Employers want them to have less.

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On a trip to Australia, a girlfriend and I landed in Sydney and through a mix-up, were dropped off at the wrong hotel. As it wasn’t too far, we decided to just schlep our luggage to the correct place. Three different groups asked us what happened and if we wanted to go for a drink (guys & girls). It was 830 in the morning. Best trip ever.