[UPDATE] Here is an official statement from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

Republican leaders are launching their crusade to take health care away from millions of people across America and increase health premiums for millions more. The resolution introduced last night is the first step in the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act, which has helped make historic gains for access to health care. Repealing the ACA means that more than 55 million women would lose their access to no-copay preventive services such as birth control and life-saving cancer screenings. It would mean that being a woman would once again be a pre-existing condition, and health insurers could deny health coverage to tens of millions of women. And nearly 30 million women, men and young people, 82 percent of whom are in working families, would lose the health insurance they gained through the ACA’s Medicaid expansion and private insurance.

On literally the first day of the new Congress, Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell were already rushing ahead to rip apart our health care system with no plan to make sure people have continued access to affordable care.

This makes Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s claim that no one will lose insurance coverage under the GOP ‘plan’ even more puzzling. Her flippant and dismissive statement ignores the important ACA benefits that people rely on. Will women continue to get the birth control that works best for them without a copay? Will young people still retain the security of staying on a parent’s plan until age 26? Everyday people care about these issues and how they affect their lives and pocketbooks. That’s why Americans across the political spectrum don’t want these dangerous and backward policies. The public believes it is wrong to tear apart their health care without knowing what the replacement plan is to keep their families healthy and financially secure.