The Violence Against Women Act reauthorization passed the Senate and is now waiting for its fate from the House, where conservatives will surely come up with a variety of creative ways to explain why they object to protections against Native American, LGBT, and undocumented victims of domestic violence.


U.S. Rep. John "Jimmy" Duncan Jr., a Knoxville Republican, broke down the political maneuvering behind the deceptive bill:

"Every bill is given a motherhood-and-apple-pie title," Duncan said outside the House chamber. "But if you voted [based] on the title, you'd vote for every bill up here. If we'd all done that, the country would have crashed a long time ago.

"So this is another bill with a motherhood-and-apple-pie title," he added.

But don't worry: Duncan is actually "more opposed to violence against women than even violence against men" because "most men can handle it a little better than a lot of women can."


How many years do you get for throwing a pie in a politician's face?

[Times Free Press (h/t Think Progress)]

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