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A writer
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Angelina Jolie is writing.

First, TIME magazine announced Jolie was joining the publication as a contributing editor, reporting that she would be writing monthly TV recaps for on various Bravo franchises. Just kidding! She’ll be writing pieces “primarily on displacement, conflict and human rights.”

Now her first essay is here: an essay on the refugee crisis for today’s World Refugee day, vaguely calling out “leaders uttering the harshest rhetoric against refugees.”

At the first sign of armed conflict or persecution, the natural human response is to try to take your children out of harm’s way. Threatened by bombs, mass rape or murder squads, people gather the little they can carry and seek safety. Refugees are people who’ve chosen to leave a conflict. They pull themselves and their families through war, and often help rebuild their countries. These are qualities to be admired.

Why then has the word refugee acquired such negative connotations in our times? Why are politicians being elected on promises to shut borders and turn back refugees?


Angelina Jolie: bad actor, humanitarian, monthly writer!

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I’m confused, why the snark? She’s been dedicated to humanitarian rights since she was 26, volunteering on the ground, connecting directly with refugees, speaking with public officials, writing about it it, raising public awareness, and otherwise using her star power (and millions) for the cause. Or is this just more Angie hate masquerading as a “beautiful talentless homewrecker actress tries to do the smart” jab?