'She's Wild on the Deadlift': Heather Connor Can Lift More Than U, Bro

Heather Connor is a 26-year-old personal trainer and powerlifter from North Carolina. She is also the 2017 International Powerlifting Federation’s Open Raw World Champion, yesterday beating out 12 other women from countries around the world with her raw power and propensity to like, yelp, while lifting a bunch of weight.

If you would like the stats breakdown, it’s all here. I am not deeply familiar with the vagaries of scoring weightlifting championships, but it seems like she can lift a lot; in the video above, she does a tiny squat and then busts up while a bunch of bald dudes stand around and spot her like the griffin army of a queen. The commentators make it that much more serious, making important observations such as, “Aohh, she’s wild on the deadlift,” and, “Ah loike tha sass! She’s up for reownership [???] I’ll take ‘a!” Also, apparently she is so good someone is going to “vomit,” and when she wins she bestows kisses all around.

Do not fuck with this tough powerlifting bish!


Correction: An earlier iteration of this post designated Heather Connor as a “weightlifter,” when in fact she is a “powerlifter” involved in the sport of “powerlifting,” which is not just a semantic delineation but one of explicit categories in the art of sport. Jezebel regrets the error!

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Out of curiosity, I looked up her lifting numbers: “she has hit a 340lbs squat, 410lbs deadlift, and can probably bench 185lbs. Thats a 935lbs total at 100lbs”

Really impressive figures. Go her!