"She's Who Scout Finch Would Have Grown Up To Be, I Think"

Illustration for article titled Shes Who Scout Finch Would Have Grown Up To Be, I Think

I'd like to think so too. But regardless, this is a great read, including the very vibrant comment section, from whence the quote above comes. [Ta-Nehisi Coates/The Atlantic]


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I love this. I love her. I want to be that girl - that girl who doesn't care if people pour shit on me, taunt me, or hate me, nothing is going to stop me from standing up (or sitting) for justice, equality, and the ending of legalized hate. That is what I want to be, not Miss America, or a supermodel, or some famous celebutante, but a person who makes a difference and fights for what is right.

I look at these pictures and can't believe people could be that ignorant and hateful for something as nonsensical as color, and then I remember, those people still exist, only now they're drowned out by people who are fixated on hate fueled by sexual orientation. It's sad we still live in a world full of hate, but it's inspiring to see stories like this that remind us we can make a difference.