She's Pregnant!

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Just months after announcing their engagement on Instagram, these two have surprised the country by announcing she’s finally pregnant! Us Weekly exclusively confirmed the news Wednesday afternoon, and shared a statement from the happy parents-to-be in which they expressed their unparalleled excitement for the journey to come.


In it, they wrote:

“You see, last year, when we started planning our wedding, we couldn’t find any good ring-bearers or flower girls, so we decided to make our own. Ha! Kidding. But really, we are so ready to be parents and already love our little one more than we could have possibly imagined.”

Not even the realization that their lives would soon be undergoing profound and irreversible changes could keep them feeling both “thrilled” and “incredibly lucky” to be expecting parents who, in just a few short months, will experience the bloody, filthy, and altogether beautiful ritual of birth—something women have done for hundreds of thousands of years—thereby adding a new member to our global community who, for a few brief moments in time, will be the newest, brightest beacon of hope for the survival of mankind. She, along with him, will look at their creation and recognize that is perfect not only because of its uniqueness, but because of its sameness. Another life. Another face. Another warm smile from a mother and father, whose statement continued:

“People always say that pregnancy is a miracle. I had NO IDEA what they truly meant until now. I am in awe by my body every day and blown away at every ultrasound. I think, How the heck did we make that?! How incredible! Oh, wait, I know how we made it. ;)“

Though her wholly comprehensible pregnancy has sent shockwaves through Hollywood, those who’ve been paying attention to her could have seen the signs of her inevitable motherhood from miles away. Just last month, while talking to someone about something, she said to no one in particular:

“I would have had a baby yesterday. Hayley’s baby, Ryan, is the cutest baby in the whole world, and after she had Ryan, I was like, ‘I’m ready!’ As soon as [he] met Ryan, he was like, ‘We’re ready!’ Who knows!”


Who knows, indeed. Congratulations, them!

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