Sheryl Lee Ralph Defends Mo'Nique: 'The Game Is Different For Women'

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Last week in the days leading up to the Academy Awards, Mo'Nique flipped a hypothetical table when she addressed being blackballed in Hollywood after her 2010 Oscar win. Sheryl Lee Ralph, who's my TV mom from Moesha and also Tony-nominated, put in a couple cents about the matter.


During an Access Hollywood Live interview, Ralph invoked double standards while discussing the controversy. "I wonder, do you think that they would blackball Tom Hanks for not campaigning for a movie?" she asked. "The game is different for women."


Ralph defended Mo'Nique but also had some realistic advice:

"A whole lot of actors are difficult. And there's a whole lot of actors who are mean and terrible, but they work all the time. It goes back to who likes you, who wants to be in your kind of crazy company. Who wants to give you money in hopes they'll get something back on the return on your madness. And sometimes you just need to shut up, sit there and look pretty… I've never played well at that.

Ralph thinks Mo'Nique is poised for a comeback, which...maybe:

"I think this is a setup for a comeback. Now, when she comes back she better be as tiny as you… She don't need to be Mo'Nique anymore, because obviously what she was did not work. So she better come back brand new. That's what they're waiting for. And if a big-time producer says to you, 'You have been blackballed,' what he is really doing is looking at you and saying, 'You ain't never working with me again.'"


Watch the full interview below.

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She is so right about the double standard of man vs. women. I can think of countless men who have repeatedly been called difficult or hard to work with and who still have so much work. The women I can think of? Almost all of them have been hard up for work.