Sheryl Crow's Sons' Favorite Song Of Hers Is 'Are You Strong Enough to Be My Butt?'

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Musical talent apparently runs in the Crow family!

In a new interview with Redbook, Sheryl Crow revealed that her two sons, Levi, 6, and Wyatt, 9, are definitely into her music even if they think she’s super corny. “If I hung out with the Chainsmokers, then they would think I was cool,” she says.

But her two kids enjoy her music so much that they apparently reinvent her songs often with some inspired, bathroom humor-related touches:

They take my songs and change them, like “Are You Strong Enough to Be My Butt?” “All I Wanna Do Is Fart On You” is a favorite. They’re super into potty talk. But seriously, I don’t think until this record they thought that much about my music. I made it in my barn, as one does [laughs], above the horse poop.


“I have a face I cannot show
I make the rules up as I go
Just try and love me if you can
Are you strong enough to be my butt, my butt?”

Not bad!

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“All I Wanna Do is Fart on You” is VASTLY superior to “Are You Strong Enough To Be My Butt”. Dumb kids.

(but neither song compares to anything on Jagged Little Pill because Alanis is a literal goddess of music)

ALSO: Sheryl Crow is 55. Holy crap. She looks phenomenal!