That’s Sheryl Crow who is living and breathing bitch / Image via Getty

The other day some random guy on Twitter tweeted about Kid Rock maybe running for Senate (that’s another story) and wrote that Sheryl Crow must “be rolling in her grave” over it considering they’ve worked together. Well, buddy, there’s no grave to roll in because Sheryl Crow is alive! She is so god damn alive right now!


See? Still alive.

But Sheryl, being the incredible artist that she is, decided to go one step further and write a quick song about it. The peppy, informative song, littered with political references, is called “Dude I’m Still Alive” and is sure to be a summer hit!

She also provided a lyric sheet in case you missed the lyrics including the incredible line “You know I will survive, no matter what you post online, fake news or lies, dude I’m still alive.”


Sheryl, we’re happy to have you here.