Sherri Shepherd Can't Get Out of Paying Child Support for Kid She Had Through Surrogate

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Sherri Shepherd is still legally obligated to pay child support for a kid she and her ex-husband had through a surrogate, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

This child support case has been one of the strangest and most legally entangled ones we’ve seen, with Shepherd accusing her ex-husband Lamar Sally of only going through with the surrogate plans so he could collect child support.

Sally has custody of the child, which was created with his sperm but not Shepherd’s egg. The View host tried and failed to get the surrogacy contract revoked during divorce proceedings. Shepherd was ordered to pay $4,100 a month in child support in July 2015, after which she filed an appeal to contest the ruling.


The AP reports:

The state Supreme Court says Tuesday it won’t hear the case brought by the sitcom actress and former co-host of “The View.”

Surrogacy advocates say the lower court ruling in her case is the first to declare surrogacy contracts binding in Pennsylvania.

According to Sally’s lawyer, Shepherd has had no contact with the child, who is now 1 years old.

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I will never not hate Sherri Shepherd for choosing to make and then choosing to abandon a child.